Define precious metals

Define precious metals

On November 25, SPDRGoldTrust, the world’s largest gold-listed trading fund, stated that tDefine precious metalshe institution’s gold holdings increased by 5.4884 tons compared to the 24th. This is the third consecutive trading day for the fund to increase its holdings of gold this week. Increased confidence.

In 2011, investors who were long gold were the luckiest. In the first month of the new year, the price of gold fell from US$1,424 to US$1,310. In the days that followed, gold also suffered a tragic drop, but after taking inventory, gold rose more. From January 28, 2011 to August 22, 2011, gold rose by 600 US dollars overall, an increase of more than 40%. In the first eight months, gold has gained or lost more than $50 in a single day for 9 days. The independent market in the gold market also detonated the gold investment market.

2. Italy on Tuesday sold 6.485 billion euros of BTP fixed-rate government bonds, including 3.865 billion euros of five-year treasury bonds. The interest rate of this type of government bonds recorded 5.60%, the highest level of similar bonds since the establishment of the euro zone. At the same time, Italy's 5-year government bond winning multiple was 1.279, which was far lower than the 1.93 recorded in the previous similar bond offering.

PIPTRADE analysts believe that the policy outlook of the two major central banks is closely affecting the market. Gold has repeatedly oscillated under the pros and cons of the two forces. However, the trend is slightly weaker because the bulls choose to profit before the risk of major events. . Although the U.S. dollar index has held a low position, the upward pressure is also greater. It should also be in an adjustment stage. Accelerating the rebound may need to wait for the 20-day moving average to shift from downward to flat, and the U.S. index stands on this line. The consolidation of the U.S. index also gave gold more time to correct its gains. Low-level buying is still eyeing up. In the short-term, it is not chasing the rise or falling.

1. A Eurozone source said on Monday that the Eurogroup decided to assist Greece until 2014 instead of 2016. The disbursement of the latest batch of aid loans may be postponed to November 28. This batch of 44 billion euros of loans can be partly used to repurchase bonds.

The secondary cosmic velocity theory of the return of gold value has been proposed as early as three years ago, and it has been clearly pointed out that when the price of gold continues to rise above US$1,000 per ounceDefine precious metals, it is the beginning of the return of gold currency attributes. What I want to further point out is that the currency attribute of 1,500 USD may return to the accelerated period, and 5,000 USD is a sign of the return of the gold standard.