Precious metal price calculator

Precious metal price calculator

The report shows that in the first quarter of this year, demand for physical gold investment more than doubled year-on-year to 90.9 tons, exceeding India's demand for 85.6 tons. In recent moPrecious metal price calculatornths, many banks and jewelry stores have added points of sale selling gold bars and coins.

Zachary Oxman, executive director of TrendMaxFutures, said that the Fed has not announced further expansion of bond purchases, which has prompted the dollar to rise. The strengthening of the dollar puts some pressure on gold. However, driven by individual investors and fund buying, the price of gold will show strength before the end of the year.

There has been no bad news in the Eurozone recently, and the market has shifted its focus to May non-agricultural employment data to be released at 20:30 Beijing time on Friday, as investors expect non-agricultural employment data to increase substantially, and recent economic data has performed well. , The market risk appetite improved, and gold safe-haven buying orders shrank further, and investors flee the gold market with profits.

The reappearance of the hidden worries of the European debt crisis, the trend of gold suddenly began to reverse in the short term. On July 5, driven by risk aversion, the international gold price rose by about $20 from the previous day, an increase of 1.3%. But does this rise mean that the previous decline in gold has been reversed? The industry generally believes that it is too early to draw this conclusion. The current market is in a contradiction between positive and negative effects, so the short-term direction is a mystery.

From the silver 4-hour chart, silver once again challenged the strong resistance near 6600 yesterday but failed. The current formation of silver has the same bottoming pattern, and the left and right shoulders are close to each other. If the strong pressure near 6600 is broken in the near future, the market outlook will open up space to 6800-7000 First-line operation.

1. Data released by the German Ministry of Economic Affairs on Wednesday showed that the monthly rate of industrial output fell by 2.2% after the sePrecious metal price calculatorasonal adjustment in April, which is expected to fall by 1.0%. In March, industrial output was revised down from an increase of 2.8% to an increase of 2.2%; After daily adjustments, Germany's industrial output fell by 0.7% in April.

Summary: The results of the Spanish and French government bond auctions were not good. Investors worried that the debt crisis would spread to the core countries of the euro zone. Commodities including gold would be sold off. Hedge funds' move to close long positions intensified the decline in gold prices. Gold closed sharply lower on Thursday.