Martha Stewart Precious Metal Paint

Martha Stewart Precious Metal Paint

German Finance Minister Schaeuble ruled out the possibility of writing down Greek debt again last Saturday (January 24), and writing down or forgiving debt is exactly what the Greek Syriza party hopes for. European CommiMartha Stewart Precious Metal Paintssion (EC) President Juncker said on Friday that Greece will neither voluntarily leave the European Union nor be kicked out of the euro zone.

At present, the bullish and bearish basis of major analysis institutions is based on the conversion of loose monetary policy and the process of economic recovery. In the first quarter of this year, according to the latest statistics of 23 investment banks based on the London fixing price, it is estimated that the average low point of the annual gold price is 1529.09 USD/ounce, the average high point is 1913.87 USD/ounce, and the annual average price is $1,753 per ounce.

On that day, the price of silver futures for December delivery rose 72.6 cents to close at $34.666 per ounce, an increase of 2.14%. The price of platinum futures for delivery in January 2013 rose by $11.9 to close at $1651.1 per ounce, an increase of 0.73%.

Judging from the economic data released in recent weeks, the impact of the financial crisis on the global economy has weakened, the manufacturing industry has begun to expand, and the real economy has begun to recover. Investors will continue to chase high-yield assets, such as US dollar assets. Perhaps it will continue to fall out of favor. From a technical point of view, the dollar index has formed an M-shaped trend since 75.90 on September 22, 2008, and the dollar index may continue to seek support downward.

In the short term, gold prices will continue to rise. The basis is that, first, there is still room for the dollar to fall, and the current US dollar index is still some distance away from the historical low of 71.329 set on April 22, 2008. Second, due to the constraints of supply conditions and the influence of severe weather, international commodity prices will continue to strengthen in the near future. Third, central banks of various countries purchase gold to make more and more gold become foreign exchange reserve assets, and its price will be supported by the monetary authorities. A researcher from the Strategic Management Department of the Agricultural Bank pointed out that the current market expects the IMF to sell gold to the central bank. If the central bank agrees to buy, the price of gold will rise; but if the central bank refuses to buy, the price of gold will face greater selling pressure.

After the Spring Festival, the price of Tangshan gold jewelry has been rising. During the Spring Festival, the price of Tangshan Thousand Pure Gold basically hovered around 220 yuan per gram, and many brands also participated in sales promotions and gave certain discounts. The reporter learned that the gold price of Gold JewelrMartha Stewart Precious Metal Painty Central, Hualian Gold Store and Bafang Gold Store is 258 yuan/g; Fengnan Commercial Building is 253 yuan/g; Fengrun Department Store is 252 yuan/g. In just over a month, the price of gold has risen by about 15%. Under the influence of people's psychology of buying up and not buying down, the intensity of gold consumption can be seen.

For this week, the market focus is undoubtedly at the Federal Reserve FOMC meeting. According to Bloomberg's latest survey, gold traders and analysts are bullish on gold prices this week for the first time since October because the Fed is expected to raise interest rates for the first time. Among the 18 gold traders and analysts surveyed, 11 were bullish (61%), 7 were bearish (39%), and 0 were bearish (0%).

Global Forex News, January 17 - On Monday (January 16), spot gold rose to its highest level in more than seven weeks and stood above US$1,200 per ounce. It rose to US$1,208.80 per ounce during the session, up US$5, or 0.42%. . The rise of gold on Monday was mainly driven by political risks. The high probability of a hard Brexit in the United Kingdom and the US President-elect Trump’s remarks on NATO and the United States have once again attracted attention. Political risks have pushed up the demand for safe-haven gold. ETF funds have come first since early November. Increase gold holdings. Monday is the Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the United States. US stocks, US crude oil (52.54, 0.17, 0.32%) and metal futures are closed, and no major data will be released during the day.

On April 20, the issue of one-year central bank notes was only 40 billion yuan. Prior to this, the central bank’s open market had net withdrawals for 9 consecutive weeks, with a cumulative amount of nearly one trillion yuan, of which 65 billion yuan last week. This week’s maturity funds were only 85 billion yuan, a decrease of nearly 60% from last week’s 198 billion yuan. If the repurchase scale exceeds 10 billion yuan, the open market will achieve net withdrawals for 10 consecutive weeks. The central bank's move caused market liquidity to tighten again, triggering panic in the metal market.