Precious metals dealer

Precious metals dealer

Platinum has not ushered in the opportunity to make up for the increase. On the contrary, since the end of August, the price of platinum and gold has formed an upside-downPrecious metals dealer, and the current upside-down range is as high as 20 yuan/g. In terms of platinum prices in US dollars, this year's high point was $1,878 per ounce in April this year. Since then, it has not been able to surpass even under the stimulus of the soaring gold. Currently, platinum priced in dollars is about 130 dollars per ounce lower than gold.

But at present, the two parties in the United States have reached a deadlock in the new round of fiscal stimulus negotiations. The $1.5 trillion version of the stimulus plan proposed by the two parties in the US House of Representatives was vetoed by House Speaker Pelosi last week, and Pelosi still insists that the scale of the new round of stimulus plan reaches at least $2.2 trillion. The outlook for the US fiscal stimulus policy is facing more uncertainty.

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The price of gold fell below 1422 US dollars, completely finished. The famous financial columnist Niu Dao posted a comment on May 15 that he was aggressively bearish on gold and became a market observer who has been strongly bearish on gold in recent days. Since the international gold price plummeted in mid-April, the view of being short on gold has gradually become the mainstream of the market. Wang Jian, a senior economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas in the United States, once supported the view of being short, saying that gold's anti-inflation and value preservation is just a legend, and it is not suitable for family and personal investment. , Especially crafted products such as gold jewelry.

Compared with the previous industry claim that it will encounter fines of hundreds of millions, this time the fines are not high and there may be trade-offs. After all, it involves listed companies and well-known domestic companies. Excessive fines will have a great impact on these companies. It may affect the stability of the enterprise, so it is mainly based on warnings. However, senior industry insiders also pointed out that after the fine, the National Development and Reform Commission should have a corresponding control requirement on the fined company, such as whether to report the price to the relevant department every month. Once such things happen again, this is impossible. Take it lightly.

Caibai’s analysts told reporters that gold is an important part of the household asset ratio, and it is recommended that consumers can buy 10% to 15% of the total assets; in fact, it can be considered every time the gold price pulls back around 5 to 10 yuan. Buy in batches. From a strategic Precious metals dealerpoint of view, you should follow the upward trend of gold prices, that is, operate in one direction and insist on buying in the callback. Since the lowest point can be met but not demanded, it is necessary to buy in batches, wait for the rising price, and then wait for the next buying opportunity.

1. Euro Group Chairman Jean-Claude Junker said on Monday that the euro zone finance ministers have reached an agreement on the details of the European Stability Mechanism (ESM) structure, and will increase the effective lending capacity of the European Financial Stability Mechanism (EFSF) to 4,400 Billion euros.

The EU summit held this weekend is now the focus of the market. According to the "Wall Street Journal", EU lawyers opposed the European Financial Stability Fund's plan to provide guarantees for bonds. EU officials have turned their attention to the European Financial Stability Fund's plan to provide funds to troubled countries.

On Monday (August 5) in New York City, the spot gold price fell to around $1302 per ounce. The price of gold fell during the day, so the previous signs of continuous improvement in business activities in the UK and faster-than-expected expansion of US manufacturing activities have reduced the attractiveness of gold as an investment hedging tool; in addition, the rise in the yield of U.S. benchmark 10-year Treasury bonds also exerted certain pressure on gold prices. .

Gold prices continue to fluctuate around $900, but stay above $900 for most of the week. Driven by the decline in the U.S. dollar and the lack of a decisive factor in the stock market, the price of gold climbed to a high near $914, but was ultimately suppressed by falling crude oil prices. The recent rebound in gold shows that the correct choice of speculative hedging funds (according to Man Financial’s analysts, a small part of them is like this). With the sudden cessation of purchases, ETF holdings no longer grow --- although there is no such thing in the global macro environment Material changes occur. It’s hard to imagine that a large number of individual gold buyers suddenly slapped their heads, realizing that India (still) did not buy, or that gold ETFs have grown to a terrible amount (yes, we have now seen such a factual report, some buy Home believes that the tool is too big, so withdraw from the gold agent tool).