Precious metal company rating

Precious metal company rating

A prerequisite fact for the outbreak of the U.S. financial crisis in 2008 is: In 2006, the U.S. GDP was 13.2 trillion U.S. dollars, the U.S. asset securities (bonds) were about 90 trillion U.S. dollars, and its financial derivatives were 518 trillion U.S. dollars. That is, the total amount of asset securitization is about 6.8 times of GDP, and financial derivatives are nearly 40 times of GDP. In 2007, the U.S. dollar interest rate rose to 5.25%, puncturing the subprime mortgage and CDS bubbles, leading to the collapse of the financiaPrecious metal company ratingl derivatives bubble, and rapidly shrinking a huge amount of liquidity, causing many financial institutions to stop cash, financial black holes, bankruptcies and bankruptcies. .

The wolf will definitely come, but it is not enough for the little children in the village to shout. It is clear that the village chief tells everyone. But even if the wolf does come, the direction of the dollar cannot completely affect the price of gold. The speculative price of gold will be adjusted, but the hedging function of gold will not weaken.

In addition to holding a large number of gold funds, Paulson is also the main shareholder of two gold mining giants, AngloGoldAshanti Ltd and KinrossGold. Most of his hands are about the two gold mining giants. The company’s shares were purchased earlier this year.

After the resumption of trading on September 13, 2011 (Tuesday), since the closing of the first trading day when there is no price limit, the Au (T+D) and Ag (T+D) contract margin ratios have been restored to 12% respectively And 15%, the price limit will be restored to 9% and 10% from the next trading day.

The price of gold in our store is mainly determined based on the trend of domestic gold prices. Consumers can freely choose the transaction price, and then add appropriate crafting fees, taxes, and transportation and storage costs to finally become the price of jewelry. For example, the store’s manager said that the price of gold raw materials for gold trading in the afternoon of the 20th is 368 yuan/gram. Since the complexity of the craftsmanship of each jewelry is different, the price is also different. If taxes, transportation and craft fees are added for each gram Later, the basic price will generally be 415 yuan/gram.

The international gold price has been hovering arPrecious metal company ratingound US$1,600 per ounce for more than 3 months. Some investors believe that it is time to buy on dips. However, Wang Dun, an analyst at Huishang Futures Beijing Sales Department, said that there are still many current gold prices. Uncertain factors, rash dips may bear greater investment risks.

The international gold price recorded its biggest one-day drop in 7 weeks on Thursday. The rating agency pointed out that Bank of America was exposed to European debt and that the fundamentals of the European economy continued to weaken, causing market sentiment to slump. Gold prices also fell along with the stock market. Gold prices rebounded slightly in early trading in Asia on Friday, but they have not yet moved far from the US$1,700/ounce mark.

As the Federal Reserve announced that it would purchase long-term Treasury bonds, it caused inflation concerns in the market and dragged down the dollar, which caused a large number of follow-up buying orders in the gold market to surge. On the 19th, COMEX-April gold futures surged US$69.70, an increase of 7.8%, with a settlement price of US$958.80 per ounce. Analysts pointed out that after the introduction of the large-scale economic stimulus plan, the influx of funds into the financial system may push up long-term inflation, making gold more attractive.