How to invest in precious metals

How to invest in precious metals

In the 1920s, more than half of the world's foreign exchange reserves were owned by France, but it ended in a disastrous ending in the pound trap. At that time, the Bank of France, which managed foreign eHow to invest in precious metalsxchange reserves, was a private institution and did not cover all the foreign exchange assets of France.

From a technical analysis, Yuzhan Gold believes that the price of gold has closed at Yangxian for 4 consecutive weeks from the weekly line, but there may be a short-term correction in early August for technical correction, and the correction will not be too large. In the short term, the gap in the price of gold on Monday may be covered in the past two trading days, and the price of gold may continue to strengthen. (Source: Economic Information Daily)

The central bank’s increase in the deposit reserve ratio is mainly to prevent inflation and control bank credit. The increase in deposit reserve is usually negative for the gold market, but it will not trigger much adjustment for the entire stock market. The medium-term trend remains unchanged. This is the first increase. Interest rates have been digested in the market smoothly, and the second rate hike is expected to come soon.

The author believes that trends in Europe are expected to bring greater volatility to the market, especially the Eurozone April inflation data that will be announced during the European session in the afternoon. Earlier this week, many officials of the European Central Bank including President Draghi made speeches on the currency policy trends of the euro, although these officials deliberately downplayed the importance of April inflation data and emphasized that there will be no changes in the longer term. Loose monetary policy, but judging from the weak performance of the euro after Germany announced yesterday’s worse-than-expected inflation data, the market does not agree with the tough statements of European officials. If the results of the euro zone’s April inflation data in the afternoon do not show a clear rebound as expected by the market, concerns about the actual deflation of the euro zone’s economy may further suppress the euro, thereby passively pushing the dollar to rebound further, and further suppressing gold and silver.

CME announced that speculative margin requirements for new COMEX100 gold futures positions will be increased from US$6,075 per contract to US$7,425, and maintenance margin requirements for existing positions will be increased from US$4,500 per contract to US$5,500. The adjustment will take effect after the market closes on Thursday. As soon as this news came out, it immediately triggered the profit settlement of gold investors and dragged down the rapid fall in gold prices.

The Gold Exchange Silver Ag (T+D) opened at 7665 yuan/kg in early trading on Friday (May 20), and then rose slightly. Overnight spot silver in the external disk oscillated within a narrow range around the 100-day moving average, consolidating the decline since the high dive of $49.77 per ounce. Mayer Futures analyst Ma Jun said in a special interview with FX168 that the international spot silver price is waiting for direction guidance, and it is more likely to test 37.80 US dollars per ounce in the short term. The silver TD night market closed at 7600 yuan, the current price of 35.08 US dollars in external disk, converted to domestic silver price of about 7342 yuan/kg, there is little room for short-term profit. Ma How to invest in precious metalsJun predicts that silver Ag (T+D) may maintain a shock pattern of 7,550 yuan to 7,750 yuan within a day. At 09:21 Beijing time, Ag(T+D) was quoted at RMB 7666/kg.

1. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) on Tuesday raised its global economic growth forecasts for 2014 and 2015, with economic growth forecasts of 3.7% and 3.9% respectively. The IMF raised its forecast for US economic growth this year to 2.8%, due to the reduction in the burden of fiscal policy on the domestic economy.

On May 3, Mr. Yang found that the price of silver was falling all the way, and the silver in his account could no longer be sold, and he could only hold a position waiting for the price to rise. But two days later, Mr. Yang discovered that Shenzhen Development Bank had forcibly liquidated the 18 lots of silver in his account, which prevented him from covering the low position. In order not to be forced to close the position by the bank, Mr. Yang had to sell the remaining 10 lots of silver, leaving only 10,000 yuan.

At present, the debt ceiling framework agreement reached by the two parties in the United States is not the best expected by the market. Guo Zhongliang, an analyst at the Yihe Gold Research Center, does not believe that the US debt crisis has completely passed. Therefore, the market previously expected that the US Treasury debt ceiling would be raised by US$2.4 trillion at a time, so that there is basically no need to worry about US debt default. However, the final plan to increase the US debt ceiling is divided into three stages, and each time it needs to be approved by Congress. This means that there may be two default risks of similar US debt in the future, especially at the end of this year and before the general election next year. The sex is greater. From this perspective, investors can still bullish gold. Guo Zhongliang said. There are many factors that affect gold price fluctuations. Compared with U.S. debt, the issue of European debt still requires continued attention. Overall, we are optimistic about gold in the coming months. Gold analyst Yang Yijun said.

China News Service, Yongxing, June 28 (Liu Zhu) For a long time, the demand for rare and precious metals, various ores and other resource products has been in the forefront of the world, but there is little right to say in pricing. On the 28th, the first rare and precious metals exchange Hunan Southern Rare and Precious Metals Exchange opened in Yongxing County, Chenzhou, Hunan, the capital of Yindu, may reverse this trend.